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Farmer Greg macadamia contract harvesting has the equipment to achieve a fast, effective and affordable harvest for your farm. Our low ground pressure Posi Track machines reduce compaction while large harvester heads maximise your tonnage. Farmer Greg will work in partnership with you to meet your budget, or you can leave it all to us to get the best result for your farm. We also offer forestry and earthmoving services.
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Farmer Greg has a wide range of quality, and highly specialised, equipment offerings to ensure every nut is gotten from your macadamia harvest. We can make sure no nuts are left on the ground, so you make more from your harvest and can get more nuts ... Read more
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Farmer Greg offers a range of forestry services, including tree felling, lopping, and stump grinding. We'll clear large tracts of land or handle a single tree causing concern on your property. And we'll do it safely and efficiently.
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We provide a range of earthmoving services for businesses, government agencies and landholders. We’ll grade land so it’s ready for building, perform landscaping excavation, or help make your site level for planting or creating a new landscape design.
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Browse through our gallery to view some of our favourite macadamia harvesting, earthmoving, and forestry projects. Once you have an idea of the work we can do, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get started on your job!
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